Various wholesalers under one roof, each with its own focus.


Dropshipping has been our distinctive feature since 2008. Since 2012 we have started building our own system that can facilitate the entire process from receipt of order to aftersales. The system can communicate with literally all external systems of suppliers, carriers and all types of customers. Like an octopus, the Vincemanager places suction cups against all external systems that influence our processes.

Consider, for example, purchasing, order processing, stock management, planning, but also matters such as aftersales. With a small IT team, we work daily on the further automation of the company. We believe in investing in fully automated processes to meet today's market challenges.

Vince Design

Our first wholesale label was founded in 2010: Vince Design. As a white labeled wholesaler, we take care of storage and distribution for various international buyers. Our own built software system, the Vincemanager, is therefore owned by Vince Design. In addition, our own factory in China is Vince Design's main supplier.

Vince International

Vince International focuses on the import of furniture based on different types of wood. We are active in India, Indonesia, but also in various Eastern European countries. The customer base of Vince International corresponds to Vince Design and the Vince manager is also used.


Labelwise mainly focuses on the hospitality industry. The properties of the products are therefore also geared to the package of requirements from the catering industry, such as moisture-resistant upholstery and durable fabrics. We produce a significant part of the range in-house.

Vince Design

Dropshipping specialist! The most accessible dropship supplier for affordable quality furniture.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. Dropshipping has been the distinctive feature of Vince Design since 2008. The products are shipped directly to the end user from one of the warehouses. The orders are always sent in the name of the relevant company. The end user never comes into contact with the name Vince Design, neither on the box nor on the label. With a custom-built system, there is full insight into stock values and future incoming containers. Typically, 60,000 products are kept in stock and 60,000 are always in production.

  • Dropshipping specialist
  • 60,000 products in stock immediately available
  • Own custom-built software package with insight into stocks
  • White label products
  • Focused on high quality furniture where the low price is central

Vince International

Import specialist with a focus on wood products! Large and especially deep stock positions.

Vince International mainly focuses on wood products with a good price/quality ratio. With our own local team in India, we have full control over production at fifteen factories. We also produce in Belarus, where local people also look after our affairs and monitor quality. We also produce wood products in China, Indonesia and Bulgaria.

Of course we also produce a line in our own factory in Enschede (Netherlands)!

  • Own quality control team in several countries
  • Extensive stock positions
  • Import from five countries
  • Partly own production in Enschede (the Netherlands)
  • Ordered today, delivered tomorrow


Conceiving, designing and producing. All-round supplier of quality furniture aimed at the upper middle segment of the market. 

Labelwise started importing furniture in 2014 to sell mainly to the catering industry and has now developed a wide range of project furniture. Labelwise is an all-round supplier of affordable quality furniture in both the B2B market and the B2C market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and has years of experience in producing and supplying furniture in all shapes and sizes. Labelwise also has an office and warehouse in Emmen and the B2B showroom is located in Amersfoort. Labelwise has more than 20,000 items available directly from stock, which can be delivered to any location within 24 hours. Thanks to short lines and fast delivery times, Labelwise can switch quickly.

  • All-round supplier of affordable quality furniture
  • Conceiving, designing and producing
  • Customization for competitive prices
  • More than 20,000 items directly available from stock
  • Delivered on location within 24 hours
  • The wholesaler of project furniture

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