Ecommerce expert

Ecommerce is about keeping promises

Consumers today have a choice. The comparison sites, the increasing market players, the shift from offline to online. Several developments that make it even more important to keep to agreements. A complete all-encompassing package of conditions is necessary to be able to play E-commerce on Champions League. We test our credibility daily!

European E-commerce

Active in eight countries

The Vince Group operates its own webshops in eight European countries. Native speakers work for all shops who receive support from our marketing and content department. We dropship both small and large furniture from Emmen to all these eight countries.

In-house expertise

With external support

We strive for complete independence, including our marketing expertise. The Vince Group trains employees with the help of external parties in order to have an independent and flexible in-house marketing and content team.

Omni-channel model

Reinforce online with offline

By opening a number of offline showrooms at strategic locations, the Vince Group is building reliability for its online channels. Not only on the Dutch market, but also on the other European markets, we work using the omni channel principle whereby offline reinforces online.

Shift to online

Ready for the future

Consumers are buying more and more online compared to offline. This shift will also increase within the furniture industry in the coming years. The Vince Group is therefore ready for the future and creates a safe online environment for consumers to shop for furniture.

Own photo and video studio

Everything in-house

The detail makes the difference

To perfection

Personal content

100% result


  • Delivery within one working day
  • Free shipment
  • Free return
  • Wide range of options

Customer service

  • Available until 9 pm
  • Available on Sunday
  • Customer score 9.0+
  • Accessible through all channels


  • Many payment options
  • Physical Points of Sale
  • More than 13500 reviews
  • Always available

The product

  • Partly own production
  • Strict quality control
  • Extended warranty periods
  • Own testing facilities

Constantly looking for top performers

Do you have experience as an online marketer? Are you an experienced product photographer? Or are you SEO technically strong in writing category texts? Then we might be looking for you!

  • You have demonstrable experience focused on the online playing field
  • You live within a radius of 60 km from our head office
  • You want to grow with our ambitions

Sparring partners

It goes without saying that we examine the roadmap we have chosen with external marketing agencies. The four-eyes principle sometimes offers enlightening conclusions. Day-to-day work is always done in-house, so as not to lose time or wait for officials outside our organization anywhere in the process.

Education and courses

We believe in complete independence, also for our E-commerce team consisting of several departments. It is precisely for this reason that we invest in personnel and, as an employer, we help to get the most out of everyone's work area. Education and courses that help with this are financed by the Vince Group.

In a market that is becoming more specialized and competitive, further development of expertise and specialization is a necessity.

What we are always looking for:

  • SEO specialists
  • SEO specialists
  • Product and atmosphere photography
  • Product and campaign videography
  • Editing of photo and video content
  • Influencers
  • Online marketers
  • Marketplace experts