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Everything in-house and in full control

Vince Group China


Its own metal department, sewing workshop and packaging department.


We train our people internally. Focus on European standards.


A strong local network for constant deliveries.


CEO China was educated and trained in the Netherlands.

A daring but successful adventure

Langfang Furniture Factory - China

Een eigen productielocatie biedt onbegrensde mogelijkheden zoals controle op het productieproces, snelheid, kwaliteit en goede werkomstandigheden. Wij produceren in Langfang exclusief voor onze eigen groothandels Vince Design.

Started in 2017 on a 1500m2 factory floor, we have now expanded our production facilities to 5500m2 with a workforce of 85+ colleagues. The motivation of the Vince Group to produce itself:

- Better quality control
- Faster delivery
- Make adjustments to the assortment more often
- International orientation

The production of samples, the implementation of assortment adjustments and continued development are also possible thanks to this factory.

Fast delivery times are a logical consequence of in-house production. The factory is also equipped according to European standards and safety and well-being for the employees is an important aspect.


Factory opened
25 furniture makers
Capacity: 80 containers


First full year
40 furniture makers
Capacity: 250 containers


Move to a larger building
65 furniture makers
Capacity: 400 containers


Expansion > 5500m2
85 furniture makers
Capacity: 600 containers


Doubling capacity
100+ furniture makers
Capacity: 1200 containers

With our own factory and a strong local network, we are able to ensure that the entire process runs efficiently.

Yuechang WuCEO Hollandia International Co. Ltd
Our certainties

Deeply rooted

Our director China was trained in the Netherlands and understands the quality requirements we require. Quality in production, communication and documentation.

In addition to our factory in the Beijing region, we have our own office in Shanghai where a team of four colleagues prepares sea freight papers on a daily basis.

Production breakdown

Vince Design42%
Production for third parties in the Benelux25%
Export South Korea15%

"Quality custom furniture. The Furnery is a household name in the market"

Always a solution

The Furnery has a solution for every project. Furniture customization at the top level!

Making dreams come true

The Furnery uses the most exclusive materials to achieve an optimal result for the client.

Realizing a dream interior with artisanal accuracy; that's The Furnery!

Inspirational - Experience center

The Furnery inspires by showing all the possibilities in our Experience Center in Enschede (the Netherlands).

The Furnery makes it a sport to exceed the customer's wishes. So come and visit our Experience Center for a good cup of coffee.

Impressive portfolio

The Furnery has an impressive list of well-known organizations that choose the Furnery as a furniture maker.

The Furnery is the total solution for furnishing your home, office, restaurant or entire hotel or holiday park.

Fully customised

No design is The Furnery a bridge too far. Customization requires craft, knowledge and skill.

The furniture makers at The Furnery enjoy the most complex and challenging requests.

A selection of our projects:

Furniture customization

Get in touch with The Furnery

Our Experience Center in Enschede (Netherlands) is open from Monday to Friday / 10:00 – 18:00


Buurserstraat 194 7544 RG Enschede (Netherlands)

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